Transistor – NPN – TIP122

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The TIP122 is a Darlington pair NPN transistor. It functions like a normal NPN transistor, but since it has a Darlington pair inside it has a good collector current rating of about 5A and a gain of about 1000. It can also withstand about 100V across its collector- Emitter hence can be used to drive heavy loads.

This transistor is known for its high current gain (hfe = 1000) and high collector current (IC =5A) hence it is normally used to control loads with high current or in applications where high amplification is required. This transistor has a low Base-Emitter Voltage of the only 5V hence can be easily controlled by a Logic device like microcontrollers. Although care has to be taken to check if the logic device can source up to 120mA.

Pin Configuration

Pin Number Pin Name Description
1 Base Controls the biasing of transistor, Used to turn ON or OFF the transistor
2 Collector Current flows in through collector, normally connected to load
3 Emitter Current Drains out through emitter, normally connected to ground


  • Can be used to switch high current (upto 5A) loads
  • Can be used as medium Power switches
  • Used where high amplification is needed
  • Speed control of Motors
  • Inverter and other rectifier circuits
  • Technical Specifications

    Weight 5 g
    Dimensions 7 × 5 × 3 mm
    High DC Current Gain (hFE) Typically 1000
    Continuous Collector current (IC) 5A
    Collector-Emitter voltage (VCE) 100 V
    Collector-Base voltage (VCB) 100V
    Emitter Base Voltage (VBE) 5V
    Base Current(IB) 120mA
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